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Named after Thorstein Veblen, b. 1857 d. 1929, Norwegian-American economist and sociologist, author of the 1899 book ‘The Theory of the Leisure Class’, critiquing capitalism and the idea of conspicuous consumption. I gravitated towards this time and time again as despite being over a century old, several points in the book are still sadly relevant.

Approximately 1% of products made each year are not disposed of within 12 months, that means that 99% of products made each year wind up in the bin. The enduring allure with luxurious or exotic materials, both real and perceived, help to reinforce the intrinsic value placed upon an object.

The light was a form driven exploration around a predetermined method of illumination, a low power LED focused through a lens to a reflector. In order for maximum usability, there had to be versatility with the reflector mechanism. Experimentation and exploration into a Terrazzo light fitting were conducted, a fantastic failure, however worthy exploration in itself. Both natural and synthetic aggregates were assessed.


An edition of three were made.