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Lost In Books


Client: Jane Stratton/Think & Do Tank

Lost In Books is a multilingual bookshop, café, safe space for women, creative learning centre, and language exchange hub designed by dominique Hage in fairfield, South-Western Sydney, one of Sydney's most culturally diverse communities.

Working alongside architect Dominique Hage, we designed several site specific elements in the bookshop including the bookshelf wall, freestanding shelving units, low bench, front counter and the ceiling treatment to diffuse the light and create an inviting space.  With members of the community hailing from diverse backgrounds including countries that have had significant unrest and even civil war, our aim was to create a non-threatening and comforting space for children using low cost materials.

The challenge with this space was to create a low cost solution as the funding for the bookshop was through several grants with the core proceeds directed to the operation of the bookshop. 

While significant challenges arose during the construction of this space, the core vision of the space was realised through many skilled people and members of the community donating their time and resources to the project.