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Cradle is a large scale light installation based on the Newtons Cradle, a table mounted kinetic toy.  Five spheres are suspended within a frame each illuminated from within, bypasses are encouraged to swing the spheres at each end and watch the transference of kinetic energy pass through.  Each time the spheres come into contact with each other the light changes.

Customs House Forecourt, Commissioned for the Vivid Light Festival, 2017

After making a very small number of lights, the logical next step seemed to be to see how big I could make one. I was obsessed with a newtons cradle as a little kid and wanted to explore the possibility of creating one on a larger scale.

From orchestrating the fabrication of polycarbonate spheres, programming the lighting, fabrication and assembly of the internal housing unit inside each sphere to both hold a IP67 programmable LED light and a kinetic transference mechanism, designing and overseeing the fabrication of the 5 meter long frame that was able to be easily assembled and disassembled on site, this was a beautiful nightmare.

Despite being a solo project, the help from friends, advice and support received along the way was extraordinary.