Studio ac-s


I am a designer living and working in sydney, Australia.

I studied fashion design at the east sydney fashion design studio before working as a fashion photographer for several years.  WHILST WORKING I BEGAN studying at the University of technology, sydneY, graduating WITH A degree in industrial design with first class honourS.  DURING MY TIME HERE, I WENT ON EXCHANGE TO TU DELFT IN HOLLAND TO STUDY AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN.  After returning for my honours, I completed a masters in product design at uts.

studying and working extensively across vastly diverse disciplines has helped to refine my design process, rather than my aesthetic.   understanding the interconnected nature and history of products and innovations across various sectors is pivotal for the design community as a whole moving forward.  each discipline is not within a silo, but encapsulated by everything around it, from other disciplines, to the economic, social and political aspects of the time.

i think Design should be fun, it should be weird, it should involve taking risks and trying something new, there has to be emotion felt when viewing the finished design for the first time


I take a holistic approach to each project, drawing inspiration from sources as varied as economics to physics and botany to create as simple a solution as possible.

Today i work on a varied array of projects, from bespoke furniture and fabrication to consulting, photography and art direction